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    Apr 17, 2017 - Version 2.9.0
    - Added: Form setup wizard (easy for selecting theme and setting other common options like: Email To: and Subject: settings)
    - Added: Toggle switch (on/off) field
    - Added: Tags/keyword option for text field
    - Added: Option to auto populate form with data based on last contact entry from a logged in user.
    - Added: {post_author_id} and {post_author_email} tags to retrieve author information inside the form based on the current page/post
    - Improved: when doing a POST also send json formatted data
    - Fix: plus icon not correctly positioned in IE in back-end for items on dropdown/checkboxes etc.
    - Fix: Problem with checkbox/radio images cutting the image, using contain method instead of cover now.
    - Fix: issue with showing "All" Contact entries also showing deleted items
    - Fix: Browsing images not working back-end checkbox images when adding new checkbox option
    - Fix: When using "Clear / reset the form after submitting" do not empty hidden_form_id field
    - Fix: When using "Clear / reset the form after submitting" make sure we trigger conditional logic and other actions after fields are emptied
    - Fix: issue with unique code gerator when length is set to 0
    - Fix: issue with file upload field inside dynamic columns

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