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Beaver Builder Pro - WordPress Page Builder Plugin

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    1.10.4 - 5/18/2017
    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed the builder admin menu not showing up for some people with Beaver Themer installed.
    1.10.3 - 5/17/2017

    • Added 'bottom' as an alignment option for row contents.
    • Testimonials Module, new setting added to control slider direction.
    • Subscribe module MailPoet 3 beta support added.
    • Updated pt_PT translation.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed the column width for reversed stacking order on mobile.
    • Fixed a translation error in wp-admin. 'This is a global %s' was not being parsed.
    • Fixed RTL issue with testimonials module.
    • Fixed a js error if breakpoint was left blank in global settings. Now a required numeric field.
    • Fixed an issue where it was possible to have two versions of the plugin active on GoDaddy.
    • Fixed an issue with mobile menu flashing unstyled content on initial load.
    • Fixed reCaptcha errors in Subscribe & Contact Form Modules.
    • Fixed vertical alignment center on full height rows in IE11.
    • Fixed an issue with BuddyPress. Builder activate link removed from BuddyPress generated pages.
    • Fixed a padding issue on reverse stacked video module.
    • Fixed Subscribe Module, GetRespone API would throw an error and not subscribe if name field is hidden.
    • Fixed a translation compatibility issue with Beaver Themer plugin.
    • Fixed read more link in the Posts module not going below the content and causing line-height issues in the list layout.
    • Fixed color picker closing when the mouse goes outside of the picker during drag.
    • Fixed hidden global row and module labels when they have long titles.

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