• Option images - Swap image - Product option image

Option images - Swap image - Product option image

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    Option images | Swap image | Product option image

    Provide each product option with own image set.
    Add as many pictures to your options as you need, with clear sorting options.
    Do you sell customizable products?
    And are you tired of making a new product of every customization?
    Or having customers not understand what your product options are?
    Here is the extension you need!
    Add as many images to every option showing all your customization options directly and clearly.
    For example let’s say you sell flowers.
    And one of the products you’re selling is a vase for the flowers. In the standard Opencart selecting the vase option won't change the picture.
    With this extension you can show the pictures of the vase directly on your product page making it simple and easy for your customers to buy the extra options.
    Working perfectly with radio, selecta and images options!

    By selling more options you'll increase your profit and sales.

    Supported templates

    - Shoppica 2
    - Sellegance
    - Rgen-cupid
    - Rgen-Opencart
    - Journal
    - Journal 2 (module also works with quickview)
    - Aquacart
    - Default
    - Theme013
    - Theme030
    - Bt extroic
    - Elegium
    - Galka
    - Pav Glasses
    - Pav BestBuy
    - Pav Styleshop (if you use 'Zoom' on product page this option 'Zoom Gallery Style' must be set to 'Slider- Main Zoom')
    - Fortis
    - Dresscode
    - Oxy
    - Garbini
    - Lexus BagsStores
    - Lexus Yourstyle
    - Lexus Store
    - Marketshop

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