• Opencart 2.x - SuperQuickCheckout

Opencart 2.x - SuperQuickCheckout

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    No registration. Fast and sustainable. Instant Purchase. Super Quick Checkout is a solution tailored to your web store visitors. It allows them to place an order in less than 15 seconds by filling in only two fields: phone and email. This solution is an addition to the checkout.

    ✯ NEW: Working Hours - Now you can specify a time period in which the module will be visible on your site
    ✯ NEW: Use QuickCheckout on the View Cart Page and complete the order for all items in cart just in a few seconds!
    ✯ Customer places an order in less than 15 seconds
    ✯ Live real time info on orders placed via SuperQuickCheckout
    ✯ Save customer time. Web store admin fills in the order and just gets a customer confirmation.
    ✯ Fullfilled/Shipped orders statistics
    ✯ Multistore support
    ✯ Works on Cart and Checkout pages
    ✯ Customers can make orders for more than one product.
    ✯ Receive notifications by email (optional for both customer and store owner)
    ✯ Choose number of fields to include
    ✯ Easy position anywhere in your store

    SuperQuickCheckout for OpenCart comes with extensive documentation with images, installation instructions, features explanations and examples.


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