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Opencart 2.x - Power Options
  • Opencart 2.x - Power Options
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"Power Options" is the most powerful chained options solution on the market. It features individual model, product code, stock, price, special price, weight and dimensions for each unique option variation. Image assignment by option combinations is also possible. Product information and images dynamically change on option selection.

Power Options

After 3 years and over 1000 installations of my chained options extension "Option To Product”,
it has come to my attention that some store owners are in need of a more powerfull chained
options solution.

with the customization requests and feedback I got from my customers over the years,
I released IMO the most powerful chained options extension on the OpenCart marketplace.

"Power Options” includes unlimited chained options functionality and option combination image
eg. Options: Fabric + Style + Color 4» Size
Images assigned by: Style + Color

After the customer makes his full option selection, the product stock, prices and other relevant
information is updated dynamically.

After the customer chooses product Style and Color, the main and additional images are
updated dynamically.

In addition to the chained options feature, I have introduced two new types of options:

— List: a combination between radio and image type options

— Dimension (Length x Width x Height): customer inputs with defined MIN and MAX values
Dimension type option price can be calculated by a defined formula using product prices.
Dimension type option price calculation features an option exclusion list.
Live price update is functional for products with only standard options as well.

For more information, please read below the extensions detailed functionality:

Key Functionality

Chain an unlimited number of options.

Instead of simple option values, you can now manage
option value combinations.
/ eg. Fabric: Cotton + Style: V-shaped + Color: Red + Size: XL

Generate Combinations button - will generate all possible
option combinations from your option selection.

Option combination Quick Filter by Model/Product Code.

Keep unique Model, Product Code, individual Stock,
different Prices, Special Prices, Reward Points, Weight and
Dimensions for each option value combination.

- these values dynamically change on option selection

For easier management, these columns can be toggled or
disabled, depending on your needs.

Option combination information will show up in cart,
checkout, order confirmation email, invoice.

Prices, Reward Points, Weight and Dimensions can be
assigned with addition (+) or subtraction (-) to the main
product value, or can be set to an exact value (=).

Special Prices have Start Date - End Date functionality.

Customer Group functionality is included - assign prices and
special prices by customer group.

Starting price functionality - the smallest price will show
up on product listings.

Discount functionality - a discount label will appear for
applicable products with value or percentage calculation.

Assign multiple images to one of the options (eg. Color) or
a combination of options (eg. Fabric + Style + Color).
- these images dynamically change on option selection

The image management section was redesigned and includes
drag and drop sorting.

Options can be shown on product listings with dynamic
price and image update - you can either show all chained
options, image assignment options or disable this
functionality depending on your needs.

Option selection from listings will propagate to the product
page on clicking “Add To Cart" if not all options are selected,
or if the products has standard options as well.

Custom Theme Integration

Are you using a custom theme?

Not to worry, the extension can be modified to work on any
OpenCart store.

We succesfully integrated the module on the most popular
custom templates: Journal, Fastor, Pavilion, Cosyone,

and many others.

The first custom theme integration is provided for free.

+3000O OpenCart Stores

In the past 3 years, our free and premium extensions
got over 15000 downloads.

More than 30000 OpenCart Stores are using
at least one of our products.

Interested in one of our premium extensions,

but not yet convinced?

Before you spend a dollar, please try out one of our free

Moneyback Gurarantee


- You may be new to OpenCart, or you may had some
bad experiences with other developers.

We understand! That's why our products are risk-free.

If for some reason we can't make the extension work on your
store, you are entitled for a full refund.

Important Notes

You need vQmod installed in order to use the extension. 5

Only Select, Radio and List type options are compatible with
the chained options system.

Chained options can be used alongside standard options.

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