• Opencart 2.x - PDF Invoice Pro For Orders : Multiple Features

Opencart 2.x - PDF Invoice Pro For Orders : Multiple Features

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    PDF Invoice Pro for orders allows in generation of your order invoice in PDF format for Opencart. PDF Invoice can also be automatically attached with html email sent from store. There are lot of PDF settings within extension to make your invoice look as per your requirements. All order related details can be added to the PDF Invoice.

    It is available for admin and customer both. With different style and settings you can increase the details of Invoice. PDF can also be controlled based on order status. Also it provides with PDF html / twig file. So you easily edit and customize it as per your need.
    So this file can be customized easily to make changes as per your customized need.

    - PDF invoice can be checked on both admin and customer side.
    - Admin can see PDF button on sales - order list page.
    - Customer can see PDF icon in order history page in my account section.
    - PDF invoice is also send in email to customer and admin when order is placed.
    - Option to allow PDF to be seen only for certain order status like : Complete, Shipped, Etc.
    - PDF invoice also supports special characters and languages.
    - Add your own signature in footer of PDF.
    - Choose different PDF fonts.
    - Supports different languages like Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Turkish etc
    - Option to choose paper size.
    - Option to choose page orientation.
    - Option to choose font style, size,etc.
    - Add Tax number like VAT / TIN / ABN / GST number in PDF Invoice.
    - Option to auto generate invoice number when order is placed.
    - Option to auto generate due date hen order is placed.
    - Feature to show product images in PDF invoice.
    - Option to create PDF invoice with store logo and without store logo.
    - Feature to add extra rows in PDF for better invoice look.
    - Add custom messages in footer for better invoice look.
    - Option to show / hide page number in Invoice for better invoice look.
    - Add your own name for PDF Invoice.
    - Feature to show PDF in selected currency from module settings.
    - Feature to show PDF in selected language from module settings.
    - Feature to show order total in words for professional look.
    - Option to show tax column in Invoice with per product tax.

    Latest Features Added
    - Added support for opencart version 3.x
    - Added due date in Invoice.
    - Show tax column in PDF.
    - Fixed minor bugs and issues

    What is different in this extension:
    We have added multiple controls to make sure PDF Invoice is controlled well by admin.Kindly check them below.

    Attach PDF Invoice In E-mail :
    Helps you automatically attach PDF Invoice to email.

    Auto Generate Invoice Number :
    If you want to generate Invoice number automatically once order is placed, enable this feature.

    Due Date Number :
    Helps you add Due date number automatically on PDF Invoice. So it is reference date to customer for making pending payment.

    Show Customer Details :
    This adds basic customer details like name, address, account custom fields in PDF.

    Invoice Print Language :
    Lets you display PDF in specific language.

    Invoice Print Currency :
    Lets you display Invoice in specific currency.

    Only Show PDF For Order Status :
    When customer makes an order it is not necessary that order is paid already. It can be failed, rejected, cancelled. But in opencart order is still generated for above order status. And customer also receives email for this.

    But sending PDF invoice for this order status does not makes sense. As it is not a completed order.

    So we have added a setting to select order status on which PDF invoice will be shown and attached in email. You can select status as per your store needs. Ex : Completed, Shipped, Processing. Etc

    PDF styling
    You can control PDF orientation, font style, font size, page format from the module settings. You can add extra rows between products and total. This improves the look of Invoice.

    Show Store Logo :
    If you want your PDF should contain store logo, then enable this option. If you do not want store logo in email. You must disable it.

    Show Product Image :
    You can also add product image in PDF. You must keep this option enabled for showing product images. This looks good in PDF invoice.

    Show Tax Column :
    Adds a extra tax column with other product details to display the tax per product.

    Enter Tax Number :
    Add you tax number to Invoice which is mandatory in certain countries.

    Sum in Words for Order Total :
    Shows your order totals in words.

    Customized Message In Footer :
    Add a thank you message in footer. Supports multi language.

    Show Signature :
    If you want to add your store signature image in footer of PDF invoice, you must enable this option. And add your signature image.

    PDF Styling

    - PDF can be set in portrait or landscape mode.
    - Different font style available for pdf invoice.
    - Option to change the text size of pdf.
    - Option to change the width and height of PDF Invoice. See different sizes.
    a) A4 - 210mm x 297mm
    b) A0 - 841mm x 1189mm
    c) A1 - 594mm x 841mm
    d) A2 - 420mm x 594mm
    e) A3 - 297mm x 420mm
    f) A5 - 148mm x 210mm
    g) LETTER - 216mm x 279mm
    h) USLEGAL - 216mm x 356mm

    Language Supported

    It supports different langauges like English, Latin, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Greek, Hungarian, Portuguese, Korean, Arabic and many more...

    How PDF invoice is sent to customers ?

    You can set up order status on which PDF invoice should be attached with order emails.
    Ex: when order status is completed or shipped , etc PDF invoice should be send.

    So when customer places an order and order status is complete or shipped.
    Then with email, PDF invoice is attached automatically.

    Now suppose your first order status is pending for your store.
    Then PDF invoice will not be attached.
    As you have kept PDF to be sent only on shipped or completed.

    Now in some time, you ship your order. And change the order status to shipped or completed from pending. This time it would be attached.


    - Works with ocmod.
    - No core files are changed.
    - Money back guarantee.
    - Free installation available.


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