• Opencart 2.x - Купон от количества товаров

Opencart 2.x - Купон от количества товаров

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    Product quantity coupon

    The module is intended to use product quantity restrictions for discount coupons. The coupon will not be
    apply if the quantity of a product (or whole quantity in cart) coincides with the predefined quantity limitation.

    The module can count quantity of products:

    • All in cart - so will compare with all quantity of products in cart

    • By product - counting will by each product individually
    You will be able to adjust type of comparing with quantity value: >= or > or <= or < or =.

    Localizations: English, Russian (If you need another, just write us)

    Operation of this module was tested with Opencart versions and,,, but I believe it will work with earlier versions. If you find any error or bug, please inform us about and we will fix it shortly.

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