• Opencart 2.x - Edit Success Page - Custom Success Page

Opencart 2.x - Edit Success Page - Custom Success Page

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    Custom Success Page

    The Opencart order process completes with an order success page confirming that the order has been received.
    Do you like it when you shop offline and after you’ve paid, you’re still considered a client?
    The shop owner holding the door for you, wishing you a nice day, with a genuine “please come back anytime.”

    This is called after sales and creates future sales!

    This is what we have made available for your webshop now too.

    Yes! It allows for users who complete the shopping to be directed to a checkout success page on your website.

    The most important reasons to have a custom success checkout page or redirections is to continue the brand experience for your customers.

    On the checkout success page you offer them a special price or discount on some of your best products, delivery time or basically any info you want.

    The module supports shortcodes.

    Compatible with openCart 2.x


    • Completely custom success page that allows you to enter any text or HTML
    • Multistore
    • Multilingual
    • All templates 100% compatible
    • Compatible with mobile devices
    • Easy installation
    • Extra message for logged customers
    • Create a page with sections / elements
    • Each element of the page you can move up and down
    • Many settings / styling
    • Custom CSS
    • Custom Javascript
    • Generate invoice number
    • Section Information for payment (show the text depending on the chosen method of payment at checkout)
    • Discounts for customers
    • Integration with Google Adwords Conversion
    • Integration with Google Ecommerce Tracking
    • Integration with salesmedia.pl
    • Enable / disable each of the elements
    • Used shortcode in the javascript field
    • Facebook box
    • Youtube video box

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